CEEEN Symposium: Ethical Values and Emotions

Symposium: Ethical Values and Emotions
28th – 29th May 2015
Olomouc, Czech Republic

The Symposium on the Ethical Values and Emotions is organised as a second meeting of the Central and Eastern European Ethics Network. This network aims at fostering cooperation and interchange between ethicists conducting their research in European countries of the former “Eastern” block. The underlying ambition of the network is to create a sharing platform for discussing problems connected with rebuilding research in the humanities – research that has been deeply affected by the totalitarian past.

The second meeting of the CEEEN will focus on the role of emotions in moral life. The problem of whether some emotions have a place in a good and moral life forms an important controversy between Plato and Aristotle that culminated in Hellenistic schools. It has been discussed and reassessed ever since by almost all key ethical thinkers, including Hume and Kant, and has become one of the main foci of ethical research in the last four decades in both Anglophone and Continental domains. We welcome proposals from different traditions and periods, so far as they attempt to provide a significant insight into the problem described. (Conference web page)

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