Přednášky prof. Eckarta Schütrumpfa

FF UK Praha, FF UJEP V Ústí n. Labem a Filosofický ústav AV ČR
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prof. Eckarta Schütrumpfa (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Justice and Right in the „Politics“ – Difficult Decisions for Aristotle,
jež se uskuteční ve čtvrtek 10. 3. v zasedací místnosti FÚ AV ČR (Jilská 1) od 12.30 hod.

Aristotle writes his political theory after the important topic justice had been the subject matter of philosophical inquiry by earlier thinkers like the
sophists and Plato. And while Aristotle is committed to uphold some of the principles of justice his predecessors had developed, his awareness of
the realities of the dynamics of political life forces him to come to the conclusion that following some established principles of justice would have a
negative effect on society. He creates new standards that stress integration over an elitist government.

Aristotle on Slavery by Nature – a Platonic Dilemma
jež se uskuteční v pátek 11. 3. v místnosti č. 217 FF UK (nám. J. Palacha 2) od 10.50 hod.

While slavery was generally accepted in ancient Greek philosophy, Aristotle goes beyond mere acceptance of slavery by writing in his Politics a
justification of slavery as an institution that is not only useful for both parties involved but just and in accordance with nature as well. This section
of the Politics has been subjected to most harsh criticism. The talk attempts to analyze Aristotles arguments in a way that makes his theory
appear less of an isolated calamity in the history of classical Greek philosophy but a voice of someone who echoes views expressed by others, in
particular by his teacher Plato.

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